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Condé Nast Hot List Table 2008
Recognized by the world leading luxury travel magazine (Condé Nast Traveller) as one of the best new restaurants of the world 2008, we bring the same level of exelency from our kitchen to our events. We have created an extensive variety of events menu wich gives our clients a set of ample choices from wich to choose from. For our clients who wish to create a more personalized menu we now offer the oportunity to sit down with us and create a menu of your choice wich can be as simple or complex as you desire.
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Offering cocktail classics from around the world and our own unique creations that have made 647 Dinner Club one of the most acknowledged bars of Buenos Aires, we seasonally update our cocktail menu and have recently incorporated creations by the best bartenders of Buenos Aires.


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One of our distinctive proposals is the subjective and clever wine menu, created by our sommelier Federico Lleonart, who has put together a selection of 50 wines, organizing according to their specific characteristics. Among the various styles you will find are elegant white wines with hints of wood, fruity sparkling wines and elegant medium bodied red wines.



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